Sunita Kohli | Interior Design | AAFT

Sunita Kohli

Industry Dean | SOID, AAFT 

Dive into the heart of design brilliance at AAFT, where Ms. Sunita Kohli, a luminary of the craft, ignites a paradigm shift in interior design education. With a career adorned with prestigious accolades like the Padma Shri, Ms. Kohli brings unparalleled expertise and insight as she assumes the pivotal role of Industry Dean for our Interior Design programs.

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Sunita Kohli

Industry Dean

Mr. Jayesh D. Wadia


Ms Neetu Teotia

HOD, Interior Design

Ms. Renu Premi

Assistant Professor

Ms. Divya Bhatt

Assistant Professor

Ms. Malika

Assistant Professor

Ms. Ridhi Dixit

Assistant Professor