Diploma/PG Diploma in Event Management

Event Management is the planning, execution, coordination and management of all the multitude aspects that together form an event. This may include people, groups and activities. Event Management Diploma can be joined by 10+2 passed students. It would help aspirants to transform into skilled professionals who become competent to seek employment opportunities in this domain or start something of their own.

Course Objective

Our 1 Year diploma course in Event Management is curated with the objective to:

  • Enable students to plan the event for any product/ service, including its programming and packaging.
  • Develop pricing strategies for events.
  • Create techniques for place/ distribution, physical ambience and event processes that are as per the needs of the customers/ clients
  • Provide understanding of how event consumers can be segmented into markets.
  • Understand the decision process of the audience of an event.
  • Make students learn how the marketing ideas can be applied to events
  • Apply the information generated into a viable and effective marketing plan.

Special Training/ Project during the course

  • Students will plan out an event during the course. They will have to think about various ideas and present an Event proposal which they can pitch and then execute.
  • Students will develop a budget for the planned Event and utilizing all particulars, prepare a Trading A/C, P&L A/C and Balance sheet for estimating net Profit they may earn. They will also be given an opportunity to conduct an event with limited budget to assess the practicality.
  • Students have to create a new product, idea or service of their choice and display samples during product launch conference. The objective is to of new product and through this make students learn the process of ideation and execution of their own evolved brand.
  • Students will identify a client in any sector they choose, communicate with the client about their event planning needs or interests by keeping their brand outreach in mind, and produce a plan for an event that the client could choose to carry out. Based on the draft, students need to make a presentation.
  • Students will evolve an event idea, name and concept on their own which would include Research, Creative Brief, how they are Establishing the Brand, Unique Positioning they are doing, Effective Audio Visuals, etc. 

Course Outcomes

On the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Manage and Compile an Event plan
  • Execute an event planning plan including the logistics and operational arrangement
  • Manage Budgeting for an event
  • Manage the vital aspects such as registration/ booking and seating procedure
  • Gain skills for overseeing and managing assets
  • Become competent to conduct mid-event assessments.
  • Obtain an understanding and awareness of the multi-disciplinary approach of event management.
  • Build confidence and gain delight from their work in this field.
  • Identify best practices that can yield fruitful meetings, conferences and corporate affairs.
  • Identify the vital components of an event and the aspects of venue selection, enlistment, catering, accommodation, transport, theming, security and entertainment.
  • Build skills for vital roles like creating budget, roadmap, work breakdown structures, risk management and contingency planning. 

Career Opportunities

The work in this domain includes positions such as Event chief, Event Accounts administrator, Event Coordinator, Customer Care leader, Business Development Executive, Marketing Campaign Manager and so on.

Any business that is into event management extends varied possibilities to the aspirants. Given below are some divisions that the students can choose from and can be found in an event management organization:

  • Public Relations – Dealing with an expansive array of individuals- from customers, craftsmen, entertainers to government authorities, public, etc.
  • Promotion and Marketing – for advancing the image of the organization and furthermore for showcasing the events to the general public.
  • Brand Development – a department that is answerable for overseeing client requirements relating to brand establishment, rebuilding and expansion.
  • Designing – It includes a group of individuals who are involved in ideating and creating formats for the stage, costumes, adornments, etc.
  • Administration – People here are responsible for administrative work and regulatory tasks.
  • Production – group that includes media experts dealing with the creation and editing of the audio/ video media.
  • Printing – it is the team that deals with printing various marketing collaterals and other required promotional things.

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