MA in Photography

M.A. in Professional Photography is a two-year postgraduate programme which targets to introduce students to different fields of still photography. This is a regular curriculum comprised of 4 semesters conducted in full-time mode. An aspirant needs a qualifying pass bachelor’s degree examination from a recognized university to apply for the above mentioned course. Equal emphasis is bestowed to teach diversified shot taking techniques and lighting techniques to create a complete educational package. Respective portfolios are being taught like Fashion Photography, Advertisement Photography, Photo Journalism, Interior & Architecture Photography, Table Top & Product Photography to increase the employability skills of a student and to have a holistic approach towards Photography to meet global standards. They received two year dual certification programme, leading to a recognized Post Graduate university degree and a Post Graduate level Diploma in Still Photography.

Through this course we strive to provide both technical and academic educational opportunities that enable individuals to become contributing members of the workforce, and adapt to the shifting demands of the workplace throughout their careers.