Fashion Studies

Ace Career in the World of Fashion

Fashion is a persistently changing field, with new ideas booming up every now and then. This industry is all about bringing innovation in style. It is considered as a form of art that communicates culture, ideologies, opinions, etc. through its presentation. This field is associated with both, over the counter products (apparel, footwear, handbags, jewellery and other accessories) available for purchase by the common public, as well as with high-end exclusive products designed specifically for the exhibition, ramp shows, fashion events, etc. It is a lucrative industry that can open up a plethora of career opportunities for those who possess relevant knowledge and skill-sets.

This field of glamor is filled with struggles and challenges that one have to cope up for building a distinguished mark. This requires aspirants to be focused, sincere and determined along with possessing industry-relevant expertise. This can be learned through fashion design courses. Interested aspirants can join a diploma, degree or specialized short-term course as per own preference. There are various job roles associated with this domain. There has been an addition of many new-age disciplines in this industry such as fashion photography, blogging, communication, journalism, makeup and styling, influencers, etc.

AAFT School of Fashion and Design is dedicated to offer students a dynamic learning platform where they can gain first-hand industry exposure by putting their lessons in to practice.

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