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Increasing Scope of New Media Education in this Digital Era

Education in the digital age has become easier as there are fastest mediums to learn and gain expertise in the field of interest. In the world of journalism and mass communication aspirants are surrounded with number of options, for an instance- they can undergo professional programs offered at one of the best institutes, schools or colleges across India. They can pursue journalism and mass communication courses to gain mastery in the area of interests.

New media is “very easily processed, stored, transformed, retrieved, hyper-linked and,

Perhaps most radical of all, easily searched for and accessed. It can also be classified as highly interactive technology. Examples could be Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Video Gaming, Social Media, Computer Games, Interactive Installations and Virtual environments. With the world moving forward in all ways possible, the importance of New Media education is crucial at this point. New Media art is usually described as projects that make use of emerging media technologies and are keeping an eye out for the cultural, political and more.

Nowadays, digital or new media has been captivating the attention of mass aspirants across the globe, Therefore, finest institutions has been offering skill and industry-oriented programs. AAFT is one of the institutes in Delhi NCR that has been delivering talents to the news industry for years. Students come from all parts of the country to become the future RJs, news anchors, news reporters, writers and more.         

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