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Journalism is playing vital role in order to aware mass audience about the facts related to different elements such as society, business, politics, war,  crime, education, health and lot more.  The technique and the art behind the spellbound work of developing, writing, editing and presenting news reflects in the educational profiles after gaining good knowledge and training at one of the Journalism and Mass Communication education center. There are various Journalism courses offered on different UG/PG & Diploma levels.

Nowadays, one can easily search and apply to under mass media courses at one of the leading Journalism Schools. In the world of Mass Communication and Journalism education, AAFT is one of the oldest schools that offer various courses on undergraduate, postgraduate and other levels. The institution may be the stepping-stone of success for those who want to excel in the nexus of electronic and print media houses.

In addition, the army of students learns through various informative sessions, exercises and practical training programs under one roof during the courses.

Degree courses are the mediums to impart enhanced knowledge of multiple disciplines such as T.V. and print Journalism, Radio & more. In context to Short-term courses, they are the swift mediums to gain knowledge in different areas in the short time span. Education is essential in this field to establish career and focus of a passionate aspirant should be on his/her aim to earn a degree and diploma & good knowledge to access the gateway of opportunities.

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