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The Growing Scope of Journalism and Mass Communication

In past few years, the field of Mass Communication and Journalism in India has seen a tremendous rise in terms of power, ambit and career opportunities. As the field is gaining more and more influential power, the need to proliferate quality media education is also gaining significance.

It is amongst the few fields that offer lucrative careers along with a platform to exhibit one’s creativity and talent. It is concerned with the production and dissemination of information, knowledge and expertise to the public through various mass media channels such as newspapers, news channels, television, web, radio station and smartphones.

Professional education in this field provides students with a primitive foundation to enter the industry. AAFT School of Journalism and Mass Communication is a premier institute that offers Diploma, Bachelor and Master’s Degree programs in this domain. With 25 years of estimable journey in Media education, this institute has proven its worth through quality education and special training sessions.

A Bachelor Degree program familiarizes students with different aspects of the industry, knowledge of essential principles, ethics, techniques and changing dynamics. This helps them to determine their field of interest simultaneously exploring the industry as a whole. A Master Degree program enables students to gain specialization and make their interests their forte by acquiring knowledge and the requisite skill-set.

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