Camera & Lighting Techniques

Lighting and camera are the heart of filmmaking; therefore, a thorough knowledge of all the tools and techniques is essential. Enroll in 3 months certificate course in Camera and Lighting techniques to understand the visual look and motion of a film. You will get to work with different kinds of camera and lights and create visually aesthetic shots.

Key Takeaways

Students will learn about Camera & Lighting Techniques, Camera Operation, Composition and Framing.

Understanding, the different types of lights and their optimum usage, will be taught.

Practicing and exploring the lighting effects.


  • Understand the basic elements of camera and lighting.
  • Importance of frame and composition in cinematography
  • Making students aware of rules of cinematography
  • Introducing students to digital photography
  • Exploring different fields of camera operation and how to handle it.
  • Understanding the importance of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting

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