Diploma in Visual Communication

The intensive program in visual communication covers a gamut of skills for screen presentation at an appropriate professional level. The students of this course develop skills in Production/Direction, Camera & Lighting Techniques, Video Editing & Sound Recording and Acting & Presentation and use their technical acumen to create short films as per the industry norms. In the first semester, the students learn the art of acting and presentation. The students are groomed in a fashion which broadens their acting techniques and style. The practical exercises are crafted scrupulously to correct speech, diction and voice modulation. This is also an effective personality development programme. In the second semester, the students of this course learn the anatomy and the creative use of digital television camera and the techniques of lighting in a scene. In the third semester, the students learn editing the raw material of moving images and sound into a polished finished product. Students are taught how to dub, give voice overs, record and mix music to get a better understanding of the subject. In the fourth semester, the students learn to develop visual concepts and to transform ideas into a show. The ability to think in terms of pictures, taking work from the cast and crew and scripting the production are indeed all about producing and directing. The students of this course are directly or indirectly associated with the production of a large number of training films during four semesters.

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