M.Sc. (Cinema) + PG Diploma in Acting

M.Sc. in Cinema is an intensive 2 year programme which aims to equip the students to enter the show business at a higher level than those who may have undergone a craft oriented course on media production. We at this institute of higher learning believe that a career in Films, Radio and Television is greatly enriched by the sound theoretical knowledge, practical training in relevant craft skills, ability to work in a team and capacity to solve problems faced in the actual working environment. The course has been designed keeping in mind that the latest trends in the film industry. The training forges the budding technicians to be knowledgeable & technically competent. Prospective students with a degree from a recognized Indian or Foreign university are welcome to enroll in two year dual certification programme, leading to a recognized Post Graduate university degree and a Post Graduate level Diploma in Cinema.

Specializations: Acting / Direction / Sound Recording / Post Production / Cinematography

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