Knowledge sharing sessions with Filmmakers at AAFT

The cinematic universe is all about Roll-Action-Cut. From the first signal of the film director till the last, everything in between makes a movie. The various participating elements like Script, Character, Acting, Timing, Sound and Visuals are important in making a great film. But more responsibility lies in the hands of a filmmaker who has to make the best use of all these elements together and portray a story in a creative way. In short, a good film direction makes the movies more cinematic.

Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT), set up in Noida Film City, has been schooling and training plenty of aspiring students to become film and media professionals. The academy has been, for the last 23 years, facilitating all-round experience for its students who plan to pursue a career in filmmaking. The initiatives taken by the institute in support of this involve workshops with film industry experts, celebrity visits and interactions, and other social events.

The budding film makers at AAFT have constant interactive sessions with famous film directors from Bollywood, who share their thoughts and insights on the movie world. The recent campus visits by the noted film directors Dharmesh Darshan (Raja Hindustani & Dhadkan) and Vivek Agnihotri (Hate Story & Junooniyat) have proved to be highly beneficial to the students, where they held interactive sessions on the process of filmmaking, the essentials of film direction, the influence of our culture on Bollywood movies and vice versa.

Any kind of industry experience, be it the master class or the seminar, enriches the foundation of cinema in the young minds. When the filmmakers share their experiences, they give different perspectives to the students about the individualistic filmmaking styles. They shed light on the existing trends of the film industry, highlight the trials and tribulations, explain the back-end chores that need to be taken care of during the film production and distribution such as funds management, celebrity management, research, promotions etc.

With AAFT supporting its students in every practical way, they can freely follow their dreams, plan for a career in filmmaking and of course, work with passion and dedication to achieve those dreams.

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