Types of Content Marketing

What Are The Top 5 Types Of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is how you promote your brand by creating and sharing content. Content marketing is relevant today and is the best way of advertising and selling your content. The main goal of content marketing is to connect with their audience and build a reliable connection. Content marketing is cost-effective and helps you build a positive brand reputation and product awareness. Different types of content marketing include blog posts, video content, social media, E-books, social media influencing etc.

Benefits Of Content Marketing

  • Content awareness: Putting enough effort into promoting and advertising your content will help you increase your brand’s awareness and help you to attract an audience and familiarize them with your brand.
  • Increased search engine traffic: SEO-friendly content and attractive keywords will help you rank higher in search engines and will also help you bring more audience to your site.
  • Affordable cost: Content marketing is undoubtedly time-consuming, but at the same time, it is the most cost-effective way of promoting your content given the amount of attractive return you get out of it.
  • Positive brand reputation: When you attract the right audience and showcase your content positively, it increases your brand’s reputation.

5 Types of Content Marketing

  • Blog posts content marketing: A blog is an informational website that is cheap, versatile and a quick platform that you can use to connect with your audience. Blogging is an effective way of promoting and increasing your brand’s awareness.
  • Video content: You can produce content through videos to engage and attract your audience; this type of marketing can be time-consuming but also highly effective at the same time.
  • Social media: Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc., are very famous among our generation and can help promote and increase the awareness of your content.
  • E-Books: People find e-books more convenient than books; they are also less costly, attracting a large audience.
  • Social influencer marketing: People tend to look up to their influencers; partnering with popular influencers can help you spread awareness regarding your content.

Content Marketing as A Career

In content marketing, you are supposed to develop content to engage with the audience and promote your brand; the main goal is to attract a target audience relevant to your brand. Today, content creation and marketing are very much used in advertising and promoting brands. The average salary for content marketing in India is 5 Lakhs per year. Career options in content marketing include:-

  • content manager
  • email marketer
  • social media marketer
  • SEO specialists
  • SEO director

How To Get a Job in Content Marketing Field?

  • Education- You must have a bachelor’s or diploma degree in courses such as digital marketing, communication, advertising, journalism etc., to acquire a job in the content marketing field.
  • Resume/Portfolio- You must build your portfolio/resume to showcase your strengths and provides the interviewer with a clue as to why you are perfect for the job.
  • Social network- Content marketing is all about connecting with your audience and building a solid social network where you can advertise and influence others into trusting your content; Hence, you must be able to socialize with peers and the audience.
  • Practice your skills- You must have good communication and research skills to pass the interview. You must also know how to develop SEO-friendly content and use appropriate keywords to increase your site’s traffic.

Conclusion This is all about the top 5 types of content marketing. Content marketing is one of the fastest and low-cost methods to advertise and promote your brand; however, to work in the content marketing field, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree or diploma. Skills like communication, marketing, research and developing SEO-friendly content are necessary to succeed in content marketing.

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