Career in fashion Design

How to Become a Fashion Designer?

The glittering world of Fashion requires dedication, rigorous hard work and knowing the right roadmap to establish a successful career. To become a professional fashion designer, aspirants must have a sound technical knowledge along with a natural inclination and insight of designs, styling and fashion trends.

The most important aspect is to build an understanding of this industry. Through Fashion designing courses, aspiring students get a platform to learn about the fundamental theories, principles and techniques related to the designing process. These classes also provide a dynamic learning environment through which students acquire necessary soft and creative skills.

The next significant step is creating a profound portfolio. A portfolio can be considered as the mirror of a student’s skills. It exhibits creativity, style, vision and technical understanding of a student. Hence, students should pay due attention in making a strong portfolio that aptly justifies their talent and skills. It may also act as a stepping stone for aspirants in finding an employment opportunity in the industry.

Amongst others, AAFT School of Fashion and Design provides its students a range of bachelor and master degrees/ diplomas to attain comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry. Through its hands-on training sessions, industry visits, projects and more, it endows students with the practical apprehension of what they learn in the theory classes.

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