AAFT Faculty | Ms. Tanya Gupta Assistant Professor School of Health and Wellness

Ms. Tanya Gupta

Assistant Professor

Ms. Tanya is a Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Yoga from and an Internationally Acclaimed Yoga Expert & Yoga passionate. She has more than 7 years of experience of working with different organizations and teaching students across the globe. She is a Teacher & Evaluator by Yoga Certification Board.

She has served in Indian Embassy in Guatemala accredited to Salvador & Honduras for 3 years as Teacher of Indian Culture imparting Yoga education and teaching diverse culture of India.

Apart from her academic qualifications and International achievements, she has participated in various competitions in Yoga & Gymnastics at state & National Level. In addition, she has given many T.V & Radio interviews in India & Guatemala.

Apart from Yoga, She is also a dance passionate and has taught dance in few regions of Central America.

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