Jewellery Design Courses

Why AAFT Jewellery Design

Jewellery is a striking expression of India’s aesthetic and cultural history. Indian jewelry is famous for itsdistinct designs and the efforts of workmanship involved. Escalation in the gems and jewelry industry has opened gateway of innumerable employment opportunities for aspirants. At SOFD, we offer 1-year diploma course in Jewellery Design.

AAFT’s Jewelry Designing Course is distinctly positioned to associate jewellery designing to fashion. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the industry through in-depth study of the processes, styles and its properties.

The school enjoys a vast network of fashion industry connections and offers a platform for ingenious minds to learn latest techniques in a highly exciting and creative field of jewellery making. The state-of-the-art Design Studio is located in the heart of Film City, Noida.

Through this course, students get acquainted with the creative process of working with jewels. They start with basics i.e. elements and principles of design, sketching exercise to understand 3D and transforming their ideas into 3D drawings and also get acquainted with rendering techniques. They are trained in basic manufacturing skills, trend forecasting and related CAD software’s. Visits to museums and galleries form an important part of the program. As the school operates under AAFT and Marwah Studios, the students gets hands on experience to work on the in-house movies, industry and celebrity clients.

Career Options

  • Cab be a Jewellery Designer.
  • Can work as a Jewellery Merchandiser with a renowned jewellery brand.
  • Can join as Exhibition Manager or in Auction Houses.
  • Can work as a manager in museum & art gallery or work as gemstone appraiser.
  • Can become the gem polisher or jewellery setter.
  • Work as a jewellery historian
  • Own a jewel business
  • Freelance designer
  • Precious Stones Consultancies
  • Can work with government departments such as Museums, Antique Houses and Mines.

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