Prof. Siva Ganesh Babu, SOFD

Prof. Siva Ganesh Babu,


Prof. Siva Ganesh Babu is an Academic, an administrator, and a Researcher. He is A Textile Chemist, Apparel Technologist, and Fashion Business Administrator. He established 1 Fashion Design College at 24 as Principal, 1 Fashion Design Institute of National Importance in India. He also established a School of Textile Apparel and Fashion Design abroad. To his Credit, he has Chaired the Board of Studies of Two State Universities in India and has framed the curriculum of Fashion Design for many universities in India. He has more than two decades of experience in Teaching and Industry. His students are found to be successful designers all over the world. He is also an International Champion in Karate.

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Prof. Siva Ganesh Babu


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