Learning the Craft and Techniques of VFX Industry

Visual Effects is fast gaining popularity in India, especially in the domain of entertainment, media and gaming. With people getting more and more fascinated with the special effects being used in films and TV, the need of professionals in this domain is witnessing an upsurge higher than ever. For those who look forward to establish a career in this domain, gaining technical competency is as important as having a creative vision. Through animation courses, students can gain professional knowledge of the technicalities involved in the whole process.

Students can also opt for specialized education programs such as Diploma in VFX or a degree course in the domain. Through these, they are introduced to the concepts, principles, techniques and different aspects through which they gain in-depth understanding of the work, trends, industry environment, etc. AAFT School of Animation is a premier institute offering professional education and extensive training in this craft through specialized Animation, VFX and Editing labs.

Such facilities provide students with the platform to gain practical exposure of working on relevant software and tools, knowledge of different processes, lighting, textures and other related aspects that are eminent to create desired and impactful special effects. This allows students to scale up the ladder to sustain in this creative domain.

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