different types of interior designing

What are the different types of interior designing?

Interior designing is the art of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment within the interior of a building. It involves the use of various materials, textures, colors, furniture, lighting fixtures, and other elements to create a unique atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting. Many different interior design styles can be used to create beautiful spaces. Here are some of the most well-known types of interior design:

Nautical Interior Designing Style

Nautical-style interior designing features warm and relaxing coastal-style decor. The decorative materials used in this interior design include unfinished-looking pieces and natural items such as jute, seashells, etc.

Contemporary Interior Designing

Contemporary style interior design is fluidic in nature, and it uses natural light and includes open spaces. One of the main elements of this type is the use of textural fabrics. In addition to that, you will find the use of neutral ones, wood tones, and metal accent pieces. This design mixes old and new, making it perfect for every room.

Eclectic Interior Designing

Eclectic interior design brings out high energy. The color palette is kept bold with patterns and textures. The fun part about this design style is that it allows creative freedom. You will find modern furniture and abstract art decor pieces. This design is loud yet chic, which is why it is most popular among youngsters.

Traditional Interior Designing

This style of interior designing is also known as old school European style as it brings out the classic European decor style. One of the most common elements of his style is the use of wood paneling and molding elaborations. You can also see antique pieces and tiles with a silky touch here. The color palate remains sober and classy.

Modern Interior Designing

Modern style depicts clean and crisp lines. The color palette shows bold color contrast with neutral or primary colors, and it also features geometric patterns and open floor plans. Modern style interior is simple yet sleek.

Boho Interior Designing

Boho-style interior designing is all about keeping a free spirit. You can see the use of bold colors and minimalistic patterns. The decorative pieces include – hand-woven rugs, plants, throw pillows, and more. The design is meant to make you feel comfortable and cozy.

Minimalistic Interior Designing

Minimalistic interior design is all about clean elegance. It is based on the essence of simplicity. Here, the atmosphere is kept airy. You will find a neutral color palette, and no print or vibrant color is used. There is no fuss or extra loud decorations with bare minimum furniture.

Mediterranean Interior Designing

Mediterranean-style interior design features limitless curves and decorative ornaments. This type of design requires a lot of space, and you will find bricks, tiles, arches, and large furniture. The color palette includes earth tones, and the lighting is kept sober.

Industrial Interior Designing

As the name suggests, industrial-style interior designing features building materials that are usually concealed, like – bare bricks, recycled materials, pipes, etc. It focuses on function and utility while keeping the place look organic. The decor pieces have an industrial feel to them, and the color palette remains neutral. This design comes with an open floor plan, and pieces of furniture are used to break the spaces.


There are different types of interior designing styles, and each kind has unique characteristics and features that make it suitable for different types of homes or commercial spaces. By understanding the different types of interior design styles available today, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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