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Cinematography — The Essence of Filmmaking

Cinematography is an art. It focuses on storytelling through stills and visuals. The artistry in cinematography lies in controlling what the viewer sees and how that presentation is drafted. For this reason, the cinematographers are acknowledged as the Directors of Photography. They assist directors in plotting a film’s visuals and collaborate with writers to communicate their vision of the storyline, and work upon the technical aspects of light and shadow, staging and photographic perspective so as to produce the perfect scene.

In layman terms, cinematography covers various aspects of motion-picture development, including camera placement, lighting, use of special effects and digital imaging to create clear and consistent narrative for a film, television show, or web series. Many movies, short films, documentaries or experimental films, are analyzed on the merit of their cinematography and imaging. A thorough understanding of the scene construction, where different types of shots such as long shot, medium shot, extreme close-up or even bird’s eye shot work together, is necessary. The technical know-how of composition of each shot is equally essential in order to present a unique visual for the viewers, which is both aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

Acting Course

Film Studies in the School of Cinema at AAFT encourages aspiring cinematographers to have sharp eyes and hone their visualization skills. Students get ample practical learning to operate HD video cameras, use light meters, determine setting and lighting needs to achieve emotional impacts, operate a jib, block scenes, mount and use a matte box and more. This hands-on experience helps them to prepare upon entering the film industry. At Asian Academy of Film & Television, the premier Film School, students learn the academic and professional skills necessary to be a director of photography. They produce a number of shorts, in field as well as studio environment, the best of which are showcased during our global film festivals and contests.

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