BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) + Diploma in Journalism

  • In-depth study of reporting, editing and newsroom management
  • Exposure to different categories of Journalism: Print, Electronic & New Media
  • Reporting for in-house newsletter
  • Reporting for in-house IPTV
  • Exercises in news reading and anchoring
  • Producing ENG & News Bulletin in state-of-the-art shooting floors & studios

Program Overview

Journalism serves the purpose of playing the role of public service machinery in the dissemination of news and information. Democratic governments permit freedom of expression to the journalists and grant them special privileges. However, journalists have to follow the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, fairness and public accountability as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and their subsequent dissemination to public. Thus, journalists have to shoulder social responsibility. Journalism involves collection, preparation and distribution of news and related commentary and feature articles. Growing complexity of news reporting and newspaper operations require a great deal of specialized education and training.

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